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Outdoor Wall light is a kind of Wall light, named because it is used outdoors. It is usually installed on the outdoor wall, and some products can be installed on the outdoor lamp post wall. Compared with indoor wall lamps, outdoor wall lamps have better waterproof performance and are mostly closed structures, which can prevent the erosion of lamps by outdoor rainwater and prolong the service life of lamps.

Outdoor Wall light generally has the following advantages, novel design, elegant and unique, soft lighting, generous and practical, convenient installation and strong decoration. For urban greening lighting, creating high-quality civilized residential quarters, and improving the lighting culture of living environment, outdoor wall lamps are undoubtedly indispensable ideal lamps.

European-style wall lamps have all the characteristics: European-style wall lamps are often represented by the decorative applications in the British royal family. They originated in the 1980s and entered China in the 1990s. They have only been used in the domestic decoration industry in the past two years. It is used in the decoration of high-end clubs, hotels, villas and other types of decoration, so as to show the European-style graceful and luxurious aristocratic atmosphere. Chinese-style wall lamp: It adopts the traditional Chinese carved design and is exquisitely carved on solid wood, and the color is mainly dark.