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In recent years, LED track lights have been widely used in lighting places such as clothing store lighting and furniture store lighting, but they will also encounter some problems in the process of use, which play a finishing touch. However, many clothing shops or decoration companies that buy LED lamps will encounter many problems when purchasing LED lamps, and they cannot accurately choose LED track lamps that suit them. The following briefly introduces the purchasing skills.

LED track lights are also called LED spotlights, which are a special kind of LED spotlights. It uses an excellent LED light source, and the colors are diversified because the angle is flexible and adjustable, which is favored by customers. Reflectors with different light-emitting angles are used in different occasions. The light that comes out will make the original objects show different charms. The main purpose is directional lighting, such as window lighting, wine cabinet lighting, auxiliary lighting for TV walls, etc.

Purchase skill one: lamp beads

Many consumers now order LED track lights just for power and price. The core part is not paid attention to, that is the lamp beads. There are also different grades of lamp beads of the same brand. The core of the lamp beads is the chip. The size of the chip, the packaging method, etc. all affect its price.

track light

Purchase skill two: appearance

Some track lights at the same price are expensive and some are easy to sell. Why? In order to save costs, many manufacturers now use iron or plastic shells to save costs. LED heat dissipation is an important part. If the heat dissipation is not good, its service life will be very short, and the brightness will become darker and darker; in severe cases, it will directly burn the LED to death. Therefore, quality will be an important reference factor for everyone to choose lamps.

Based on the above-mentioned purchasing skills of LED track lights, LED track lights are generally used to enhance the lighting of decorative objects, and are generally embedded in ceilings or walls. LED spotlights generally emit higher temperatures when they work, so Be sure to buy good LED track lights, otherwise there will be hidden dangers.