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For home lighting or hotel lighting, led downlights not only have basic lighting characteristics, but also play a good decorative role. And the good quality led downlight is more able to show your grade and set off a comfortable environment. However, currently LED downlights are very common in the market, so most consumers do not know how to buy. The following will briefly analyze how to choose the correct LED downlight.

First, the commonly used classification of led downlights:

1. Classified by installation method: recessed downlight and bright decorative downlight.

2. Classified by light source: Divided into led patch light source downlight, led high power light source downlight and ledcob light source downlight.

3. Classified by place: home lighting downlight, commercial lighting downlight and engineering lighting downlight.

4. According to the light source anti-fog classification: general led downlight and anti-fog downlight.

led downlight

Second, the selection of led downlights is mainly considered from three aspects:

1. The radiator of the lamp: its heat dissipation speed directly affects the service life and light attenuation of the lamp.

2. The driving power supply of the lamp: the driving power supply plays an important role in the whole lamp. Without it, it will basically not work. The quality of the power supply directly affects the service life of the lamp. The better power supply is the constant current power supply, which is more stable.

3. Lamp beads: Different lamp beads have different lighting effects and color rendering properties.

Third, LED lamps have several advantages compared with general lamps:

1. High efficiency and energy saving: LED lighting products have a high luminous rate, and their brightness is 3 times that of general energy-saving lamps and 7-8 cups of incandescent lamps.

2. Green and environmental protection: LED lighting products will not appear stroboscopic phenomenon, which is beneficial to health of eyesight and improve the permeability of the light environment; there is no ultraviolet light and all kinds of rays; all components of the LED light source can be recycled and there is no chemical substance. Conducive to environmental protection.

3. Long service life: The LED function is stable, its service life can reach more than 50,000 hours, and the life of the entire lamp can reach more than 25,000 hours, which greatly reduces the cost of replacement and protection of the lighting system.

4. The color rendering performance is good, and the color temperature can be customized: the light color of LED lighting products is relatively soft, close to natural light, and can accurately present the color of the illuminated object; its color temperature can be customized according to customers in the range of 2700K-6000K Choose to customize.