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Types of magnetic lamps
a. Track type
Embedded track Embedded track is a track that is concealed in the ceiling. Such track installation must be matched with the ceiling. Here you need to pay attention to the width of the track. Generally, there are two sizes of 40MM and 25MM. 40MM is mostly used for public installation design. It is recommended to choose 25MM for household use.

Surface-mounted track Surface-mounted track is a track that is fixed on the original top surface with a buckle, without a ceiling, the original top surface can realize the installation of the magnetic lamp.

Suspended wire magnetic rails Suspended wire magnetic rails are mostly used in the design of public office space. It is a rail installation method used when the height of the space is too high.

b. Types of lamps

Spotlights On the basis of satisfying basic lighting, the spotlights with adjustable angles can achieve precise focusing, flexible adjustment, and highlight key lighting.

The grille lamp meets the basic lighting, and the rotatable version can also meet the lighting needs of multiple angles to achieve different types of wall washing effects. There are ordinary grille lights and foldable grille lights.

Floodlight strip Floodlight design, uniform light output, improve the brightness of the space, meet the basic lighting, can bring a minimalist and extended visual experience in the shape, and enhance the lighting atmosphere.

Suspended wire lights When the space height is too high and you need to achieve close-range lighting effects, you can choose a suspended wire magnetic lamp.