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Decorative lights are a very common lamp, but many people do not know how to choose the right decorative lights.

1. The color of the lamps and lanterns should be coordinated with the decoration style of the home environment. The layout of the room lighting must take into account the style of the room furniture, the color of the walls, and the color of the household appliances.

2. The size of the lamp should be configured in accordance with the indoor area, the amount of furniture and the corresponding size. For example, a small living room with a diameter of less than 12 square meters should adopt a ceiling lamp or wall lamp with a diameter of less than 200 mm. In a living room of about 15 square meters, ceiling lamps or multi-forked chandelier with a diameter of about 300 mm should be used, and the maximum diameter of the lamp should not exceed 400 mm.

3. Security. Look at its quality first, and check whether the warranty and certificate are complete. Sometimes the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but too cheap must be bad. Many cheap lamps are inferior in quality and often have endless hidden dangers. In the event of a fire, the consequences will be disastrous.

4. Understand the development trend of lighting. As the styles of lamps are emerging in endlessly now, before buying lighting, you'd better understand the development trend of modern lighting, so as to avoid the bad luck of the newly bought lighting being eliminated.

5. Check the goods carefully when buying lamps. The lighting is mainly made of glass, which is fragile. After long-distance transportation, it will inevitably be scratched or damaged. As the lighting is generally hung in prominent places in the home, even minor damage will affect the effect of use.

6. The style of lamps should be selected according to their actual needs and personal preferences. For example, if you pay attention to the practicality of the lamp, you should choose a ceiling lamp or floor lamp with dark rims such as black and crimson. If you pay attention to decoration and pursue a modern style, you can choose lively lighting. If you like lamps with national characteristics, you can choose sculpture floor lamps.