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Spot light refers to the light that is condensed by using a condenser lens or reflector. The point light type of the reflector lamp is relatively simple. For ultra close-up photography, using a microscope lighting device or a slide projector to illuminate, you can obtain better point light illumination. The light with strong illuminance, narrow illuminating width, and convenient to illuminate a specific area in the scene is the most used light in the studio.
1. Spotlight classification
Since there are too many classifications of spotlights, here are some common classifications. 1. Spotlights are often used on the stage. There is a flat convex condenser in front of the light. The advantage of this kind of light is that the size of the spot can be adjusted at will, and the beam is relatively concentrated, resulting in colorful effects. 2. Threaded lights, also known as soft lights, have a large diffusion area and a relatively short shooting distance, which will not produce obvious spots. 3. Back light, this kind of light has no lens in front of it, and its main feature is that it is very bright, and it is more suitable for when a strong effect is needed on the stage, it will usually turn on the back light. The light beam is particularly strong, so you should pay attention to focusing, and you can't cast the light beam on the screen, which will easily cause burning.
2. What is a spotlight
A spotlight is light that is collected using a condenser lens or reflector. The point light type of the reflector lamp is relatively simple, with strong illuminance, narrow illuminating range, and easy to focus on specific areas in the scene. It is the most used lamp in studios and studios.
3. Spotlight price
SOMITA spotlight This spotlight is integrated with LED150W film and television spotlights, using high-color and high-brightness American high-brightness lamp beads, brand-new circuit design, energy saving, environmental protection, high luminous efficiency, and the overall color temperature is consistent, and the service life is more than 30,000 hours . The LED150W lamp beads can be directly connected to AC power, that is to say, it can be installed on the light stand and work on the ground, and can be installed on the top of the venue. It has a very high degree of flexibility. The price varies from 100 yuan to 20,000 yuan, depending on what kind of spotlight the place needs. This spotlight is mostly used in live news studios, studios, filming and shooting of various types of movies, etc., and has a wide range of applications.
Fourth, the role of the spotlight
First of all, the advantages of spotlights are light weight and small size, uniform spot distribution, and large spot adjustment range. When shooting, it is mostly used for large-area lighting and special lighting in special effects shooting, as well as lighting for characters and scenery props. In news studios, the biggest use of LED spotlights is to give the host a catch light, reflecting a white light aperture in his pupils, which will make the host’s eyes large and bright, and vice versa. God, bleak and dull. In the stage, it is to give some special props or to give people on the stage in a specific situation a uniform rounded light spot, which belongs to scene lighting. At the same time, LED spotlights can also be used as surface light for general lighting. The role of LED spotlights is actually diverse. Since the color temperature, spot, and illuminance of LED spotlights are all controllable, it can meet the requirements of users in a variety of occasions and environments.
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