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1. The angle of the spotlight can be adjusted, but the downlight cannot, and the down light can only illuminate vertically;
2. The installation position of the spotlight is flexible, and there are many installation methods, while the down ight can only be embedded in the ceiling, and the installation position is relatively fixed;
3. The light range of the spotlight is smaller than that of the down light, and the light of the spotlight is more concentrated;
4. Spotlights cannot be directly exposed to flammable items for a long time, otherwise it is likely to catch fire, but down lights will not happen;
5. For the same grade of spotlights and down lights, the price of spotlights is higher than that of down lights.

Summary: The difference between downlights and spotlights is mainly the lighting angle, light range, price, safety and installation method. Spotlights can be more flexible in lighting angle and installation method, while downlights are fixed and cannot be flexibly changed. , the price of spotlights is usually higher than that of downlights, and it cannot directly illuminate flammable items for a long time. The downlight has a wide range of light, and it will not burn the filament if it is switched on and off frequently.