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The difference between spotlights and ceiling downlights

1. Different light sources
   From the perspective of the light source, the spotlight beam is a beam of sharp-angled light, and the illumination is relatively concentrated, while the downlight beam is wide-angle and will be slightly spread out. The light source of the downlight cannot be adjusted. Household spotlights use quartz bulbs or lamp beads, so the light source direction of the spotlights can be adjusted freely.
2. Different application locations
   From the point of view of the application position, the position of the downlight is relatively fixed, usually in the ceiling of the ceiling, and a ceiling with a depth of 150mm is sufficient. Of course, downlights also have external types. But relatively speaking, the installation position of the spotlight is more flexible and changeable.
3. Different halo effects
   Spotlights are mainly divided into point hanging type, track type and built-in type. The built-in spotlight can be installed in the ceiling, and the performance of the spotlight is better than that of the downlight, the halo effect is more obvious and direct, and the decorative effect is very prominent.

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