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The city is full of feasting and feasting, and everyone is in a hurry. The sense of belonging in a strange city is probably that there is a home waiting for you to return, and someone expects you to return. Everyone's definition of home is different, but warmth and comfort are synonyms that cannot be avoided. For a warm and comfortable home, there are always some ingenious and careful thoughts in the decoration design, such as the design of the main lamp in the living room, which is very popular now. Do you know the difference between embedded Recessed Down Light and spotlight?

1. The difference between light sources. The light source of Recessed Down Light is fixed, and it is a vertical light source, the projection angle cannot be adjusted, and the light is relatively soft. The light source of the spotlight is adjustable, and the illumination angle is also adjustable, which can be used as local accent lighting to highlight the subject.

2. The difference in installation location. Since the Recessed Down Light is a vertical light source and the angle cannot be adjusted, most of them are directly installed on the top surface, which can be embedded or directly mounted. Spotlights generally have adjustable tracks, which can be installed on the top surface or on the wall according to individual needs.

3. Differences in decorative effects. Most of the family's Recessed Down Light adopts the embedded installation method. When the light is not turned on, there is almost no sense of existence, and it will not affect the overall aesthetics of the top surface. The entire top surface will look very simple and clean. Most of the spotlights are mounted on the surface, and the unique track and lamp body look more industrial-style and have a sense of design.