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Although LED flat light has many advantages such as good glare control, uniform light emission, etc., to replace the grille light/traditional downlight, the following problems must be solved:

First, low efficiency. For side-entry LED flat lights, low efficiency is still a problem. On the one hand, to achieve high brightness, it is necessary to increase the number of chips and power, but the energy-saving effect cannot be reflected, especially for large-size flat panel lights. On the other hand, when the power increases, the working temperature of the LED module in the lighting appliance will also increase, which will affect Light decay and longevity, so how to deal with the balance between "thin" and "high energy efficiency" is a problem.

Second, the price is high. To improve energy efficiency, the number of LEDs needs to be large, and while the cost increases, it also brings about how to deal with heat dissipation issues. At the same time, the high-efficiency light guide plate is expensive, so it does not have a price advantage compared to replacing the traditional grille lamp. Moreover, the cost of using a light guide plate to make a flat panel lamp is a bit expensive, and it is difficult for consumers to accept it in a short time.

Third, it is difficult to maintain. Unlike traditional fluorescent grid lights or LED grid lights, if the light source is broken, it can be easily replaced one by one without a professional person. For LED flat lights, if the light color is insufficient or not bright , Maybe the entire lamp has to be replaced, and it requires a very professional person to come to operate it. Not to mention the maintenance cost, it is mainly too troublesome.

Fourth, the lack of public awareness will inevitably affect market sales.

In addition, there is no unified identification of what kind of lamps can be called flat lamps. There are flat lights, flat lights, panel lights, etc. on the market. Some people think that flat lights are flat-shaped lamps called flat lights.
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