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For a living room without a main lamp design, lamps can be selected according to the size of the living room space. If it is a small-area living room, a single Recessed Down Light or spotlight can meet the lighting needs, and there will be no clutter that the entire top surface is filled with lamps. However, if the living room space is too large and you want to use the design without main lights, you can reasonably combine the Recessed Down Light and spotlights, and the different lamps are scattered on the top surface in an orderly manner, which will not affect the decorative effect, but also satisfies the daily requirements. lighting needs.

Of course, for the problem of whether it is better to use Recessed Down Light or spotlight in the design of the living room without main light, the large-area living room also needs to be combined up and down, the top surface is illuminated with Recessed Down Light and spotlights, and floor lamps and table lamps are added on the ground. Combining up and down can meet multiple lighting needs, flexible matching, and more dynamic space.

The living room with no main light design looks more concise and stylish, and full of high-end sense, but you must pay special attention to the selection and matching of lamps when designing. The above is about the issue of whether Recessed Down Light is better for spotlights in the design of living room without main light. Introduction, I hope it can help you.