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Reasons for the popularity of magnetic lamps
In simple terms, the magnetic lamp is a track lamp, but it is different from the ordinary track lamp. The magnetic lamp is attracted to the track by magnetic force. Under the influence of light luxury and minimalist style, this traditional track light has a high cost of disassembly and a very complicated structure. Therefore, this kind of magnetic light was born. The track box is directly embedded in the ceiling and then adsorbed to the track box. , This is the origin of the magnetic lamp.
Reasons for the popularity of magnetic lamps
1. It is extremely flexible and adopts a modular concept. There are many light source modules that can be applied to magnetic lights, including spotlights, grid lights, folding lights, chandeliers, etc., which can simultaneously meet basic lighting, accent lighting, wall washing, etc. Various ways of lighting.
In many cases, we want to replace the lamp, but due to the cumbersomeness of it, we have to ask a professional master to come. Now, the magnetic system simplifies all kinds of problems, and changing a lamp is just a simple task.

2. In the simple design style, the straight line is very popular with designers, and the magnetic lamp just satisfies this point. The magnetic lamp can connect the ceiling and the wall. It has strong orientation, freshness and design, so it is very popular with designers.