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1. According to the installation location and purpose of the LED track lighting fixture, the smallest cross-section of the conductor core leading to each light fixture must comply with relevant regulations and specifications.

2. When installing electrical lighting equipment in a masonry structure, use embedded hooks, bolts, screws, expansion bolts, nylon or plastic plugs for fixing; wooden wedges are strictly prohibited. When not specified in the design, the carrying capacity of the above-mentioned fixed parts should match the weight of the electrical lighting device.

led track lighting

3. In dangerous and special dangerous places, when the height of the LED track lighting is less than 2.4 meters from the ground, a lighting lamp with a rated voltage of 36 volts or less should be used, or protective measures should be taken. Lamps should not be directly installed on combustible parts; when the high temperature part of the bulb surface is close to combustible materials, heat insulation and heat dissipation measures should be taken.

4. The height of outdoor LED track lighting should not be less than 3 meters from the ground; when installed on the wall, the height from the ground should not be less than 2.5 meters.

5. Pay attention to the models of various lamps of LED track lighting manufacturers before installation.

The specifications of the luminaire must meet the design requirements and national standards. The accessories are complete, and there is no mechanical damage, deformation, paint peeling, lampshade cracking, etc. Various types of lighting fixtures should have factory qualification certificates, CCC certification marks and certification copies, and make inspections and records when entering the site.