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Problem 1: The price is too high. At present, the cost of LED street lamps is still much higher than that of high-pressure sodium lamps. The price does not exceed 1500 yuan. As far as the current situation is concerned, LED street lamps are obviously too expensive, and the price is 2 to 5 times that of high pressure sodium lamps. Therefore, the price and cost of LED street lights are still the biggest obstacles to the official promotion of LED street lights in the road lighting market.
 Problem 2: The domestic light source can not meet the market demand, the development of domestic LED light source started relatively late compared with foreign countries, and there is still a certain distance between the technical level and the international leading industry. When the domestic LED light source PN junction works at room temperature, although the theoretical life can reach 100,000 hours, the problem of heat dissipation cannot be completely and effectively solved, which greatly reduces the actual life, and the light decay (life) problem of LED street lamps has also become a problem. One of the key problems restricting its wide application in street lamps. Although China has continuously invested heavily in the development of LED light source technology and the technical level has been continuously improved, the light efficiency is still in the development process from 30lm/W to 60lm/W and then to 100lm/W. No matter in terms of quality and quantity, domestic LEDs Light sources are far from meeting market demands.
Problem 3: The power system is unstable and the LED driving power is unstable. It is an industry consensus. In fact, it is dragging the LED lighting industry. Because the driving power is an important part of the LED street light, its failure will lead to the failure of the whole light. Due to the harsh environment of outdoor work, the life of some components of the power supply has become the bottleneck of the life of the driving power supply and even the entire street lamp.
Question 4: Technical problems, there are technical deficiencies in output power and luminous flux, secondary optical design, heat dissipation design and power system design. The improvement of output power and luminous flux also needs to be further improved from the basic level of epitaxy technology and chip technology of high-power white LED. In terms of secondary optical design, the radiation forms of LEDs include Lambertian, side-emitting, bat-wing and concentrating. In the field of road lighting, Lambertian type and bat-wing type are more suitable according to design experience. Through secondary optical design, the illumination range and luminosity curve of LED can meet the needs of road lighting. Heat dissipation is one of the key issues that LED street lights need to solve. Because LED street lights have high brightness requirements, large heat generation, and harsh outdoor use environments, poor heat dissipation will directly lead to rapid aging of LEDs and reduced stability. In addition to the need for power In addition to the good heat dissipation of the LED itself, because the street lamp has the characteristics of outdoor use at night, the heat dissipation surface is located on the side, which is conducive to the natural convection heat dissipation of the air. The power supply system of LED street lights is also different from traditional light sources. The cooperation between the low energy consumption and low operating voltage of LEDs and the low output power and low output voltage of solar cell modules is very suitable. How to make a group of LEDs tightly compressed together safely, Reliable work is also an indicator of LED street lights.

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