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Downlight is a kind of lamp that has more condensing properties than ordinary surface-mounted lamps, and is generally used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting. Spotlight is a highly concentrating luminaire, and its light irradiation has specific targets that can be specified. It is mainly used for special lighting, such as emphasizing a place that is very flavorful or innovative.

LED spotlights are used like flashlights, which are generally used outdoors. It is also used indoors, and because of the different varieties, the uses are also different. The LED spotlight is made of metal materials with good heat dissipation performance; it is made of various colors of ultra-high brightness LED lights, which are combined through testing and aging; can be used continuously for 35,000 hours; power: 1.8W, 3.5W, 4W (you can choose by yourself ); The operating voltage is DC/AC12V, 24V, 110/220V.

Features of spotlights:

1. Power saving: The reflector of the spotlight has a powerful refraction function, and the power of about 10 watts can produce strong light.

2. Spotlight: Concentrated light can highlight or emphasize a certain object or space, and the decorative effect is obvious.

3. Comfortable: The color of the spotlight is close to natural light, reflecting the light on the wall without glare.

4. Many changes: small light bulbs can be used to make different projection effects.

Classification of spotlights:

1. Lower the illumination lamp. It can be installed on the ceiling, above the head of the bed, in the cabinet, and can also be hung, floored, or suspended. It can be divided into two types: full-Tibetan and semi-Tibetan. The feature of the downlight is that the light source is locally illuminated and freely scattered from top to bottom. The light source is closed in the lampshade. Its shapes include tube downlights, sleeve downlights, flowerpot downlights, and concave shapes. The trough lamp and the wall lamp can be installed in the porch, living room and bedroom respectively. For example, a green porcelain shade is installed next to the TV to illuminate the wall lamp, which can clearly see things without affecting watching TV. A sleeve-type downlight is installed above the sculpture, which can direct people's sight to the artwork, which is convenient for taste and appreciation. When choosing a downlight, the wattage should not be too large, it is only for illuminating, not glare.

2. Track spotlights. Most of them are made of metal spraying or ceramic materials, with pure white, beige, light gray, gold, silver, black and other tones; the shape is long and round, and the specifications and sizes are different. The light beam projected by the spotlight can be concentrated on a painting, a sculpture, a potted flower, a piece of exquisite furnishings, etc., or it can shine on the back of the swivel chair where the owner of the room sits, creating a colorful and charming light and shadow effect. It can be used in the living room, porch or bedroom, study room.