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Track lights have rich characteristics, so that the decoration of rare spaces has begun to be widely used, but because the track lights will be exposed, the track will also affect the exploration of the ceiling, like the real limit lights, what kind of track lights are there, please give me the following Let me introduce a few of them.

The spotlight type track light has a narrow angle range of less than 20 degrees, which can make the place or item you choose very conspicuous, but other areas are small, the light will become sharper and more direct, and the secondary spot is also obvious. The spotlight type track light Generally used in accent lighting such as models, plants, toys, and specific ornaments. For use in the home space, it is recommended to install soft light ejection.

Compared with spotlight type track lights, the soft light track has a little more effect and may be affected by the visual impact of the object. The soft light track photography light is suitable for dressing, painting, general aisles or pictures.

Floodlight track has a wide range greater than 50 degrees and belongs to floodlight light source. Because of the large light range, it is less able to focus on group objects. It is also often used to track the background of light source mixing. It is more of an atmosphere creation light source and cannot guide the visual focus. .