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Ceiling light is an auxiliary lighting decorative lamp installed on the indoor wall, generally with a milky white glass lampshade. The power of the bulb is not much, and the light is elegant and harmonious, which can decorate the environment elegantly and beautifully, especially for the newlywed room.

Ceiling lights are mostly installed on balconies, stairs, corridors, aisles and bedrooms, and are suitable for long-term lighting; color-changing ceiling lights are mostly used in festivals and festive occasions; most bedroom ceiling lights are installed above the bedside, with concentrated beams for easy reading.

The wires connected to the ceiling light should be light-colored, so that the paint consistent with the color of the wall can be painted to keep the wall clean and tidy. In addition, you can first dig a small groove on the wall that just fits into the wire, insert the wire, fill it with lime, and then paint the same color as the wall.