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Advantages and disadvantages of magnetic lamps

a. Advantages
Flexible use and free adjustment of lamps According to needs, the type and quantity of lamps can be adjusted at any time. It is very flexible to use. This is something that traditional lamps can't do at all. It can be said to be a highlight of magnetic lamps.

There are many kinds of lamps and lanterns, and the light source effect is rich. The design of the magnetic lamp adopts the modular concept. After the track is preset, the style of the light source can be freely selected: downlight, spotlight, grille light, floodlight, pendant light, etc., The combination of various lamps and light sources with different color temperatures is suitable for a variety of different scene needs.

No main light can be realized without ceiling
With the emergence of magnetic lamps, you can directly pre-install the track on the top surface and install magnetic lamps to realize the design of no main lamp without ceiling.

b. Disadvantages
Expensive for the installation of embedded magnetic lights, you first need to make a ceiling, and make a special magnetic light track groove to install the magnetic light track, which increases the cost of ceiling construction accordingly.

Workers are not professional enough in construction. As a new product, traditional electricians are relatively unfamiliar with the installation method of magnetic light rails. It needs a period of market promotion to adapt the construction connection between woodworkers and electricians.

Especially for the construction of embedded magnetic track, strict requirements on construction surface technology are required. For example, it is necessary to add an anti-cracking net between the magnetic track and the gypsum board and then pour dust to prevent the construction surface from cracking.