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As a lighting tool, courtyard lights are indispensable in courtyard decoration. So, how to choose courtyard lights?

1. Keep your style in harmony

The choice of garden lights should be consistent with the architecture and design style of the entire courtyard. For example, a Chinese garden style coupled with very modern garden lights will have style inconsistency. Therefore, when choosing, try to be close to the style of the entire courtyard, with a unified and natural style.

2. The light source should be warm and comfortable

The installation of courtyard lights is mainly to facilitate people's night activities, and the temperature at night is low, in order to make people feel warm, it is suitable to choose a warm and comfortable light source, and it is also conducive to creating a warm family environment. Try to avoid using cool-toned light sources, which will make the family atmosphere deserted.

3. The installation distance

The installation of courtyard lights must maintain a certain distance and illumination. It is necessary to consider both the lighting effect at night and the garden landscape during the day. The spacing can also be made due to the degree of terrain undulations and the density of the trees. Adjust accordingly.

4. High lightning protection coefficient

If the garden lights are installed outdoors, they often encounter abnormal weather such as thunder and rain. In order to use them for a long time, try to choose garden lights with a higher lightning protection coefficient. Of course, this is also a safety precaution, because once the courtyard lamp encounters thunder and lightning, it will be easily damaged, and may even cause a fire.